Going Green

Protecting the Environment

At Greenwood Group, we constantly strive to become more environmentally friendly. Below is a list of changes that we have implemented:

  • We recycle each flat that contains seasonal color. This spring 2009 we will save over 9000 cubic feet of landfill space, which is about the average size of a two story home.
  • We recycle all plant waste picked up from our properties, turning 1.5 million pounds of landfill debris into mulch to feed and protect plant material.
  • In the interest of reducing fuel consumption, traffic congestion, and greenhouse gas emissions, we recently opened a new location in Gwinnett.
  • Instead of adding more trucks on the road, we increased the size of our crews. Saving the addition of four trucks to our fleet.
  • Installed GPS to all Fleet, supervisors, and manger vehicles to track our trucks and utilize the most efficient routes, again reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Traded larger fuel guzzling trucks to more fuel efficient 4 cylinder trucks for managers.
  • Worked with New South Construction and Pace Academy to install bio-swales in their parking lot reducing storm drain run off and putting the rain water back into the ground.
  • We recycle and reuse old cell phones by making them available to employees, who in turn send them to family members to use.

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